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Marriage is a lot of things. It is a promise to love selflessly, to text one another, “I’m at the grocery store, do you need anything”, and do life alongside your best friend. Beneath it all though, marriage is a celebration of love. Those warm, fuzzy, butterfly inducing interactions. I believe that the two of you, just as you are, are worthy of being documented. I’m not interested in the cringe worthy poses, awkward hand placement, or carefully positioning the two of you in ways you would never actually be. You’re unique, important, and deserve the tangible memories that scream you! As a photographer, my job is to document your love. This precious day filled with celebrating and wrapped up in love, will stand out among others in your life, and it’s my job, privilege and honor to preserve you just as you are.


What makes your relationship you? What does a normal Sunday morning or Friday night look like? I want to capture that! Take me on an adventure. An adventure of your quirks, tickle spots and embarrassing stories. Authentic, unapologetic love that is unique to just the two of you.


The key components of your family are the individuals who build it and make it unique. Let me capture what makes each of you special! The dad’s who aren’t sure what they’re doing here. The mom’s who forget they’re on camera because they’re too worried about chasing their kiddos down. The kids who are used to being photographed on snapchat and instagram but run wild when they are dressed in fancy clothes and bribed to behave for this one session. I am there to capture the movements. The realness. The wonderful mess of life that is your family. Because each person is what makes your family beautiful and these are the days that deserve to be documented.


The freshness, newness, squishyness. Give me all of those! Whether it is a Fresh 24 at the hospital or a cozy in home session, those moments NEED to be documented. The first few days and weeks are a blur and fly by all too fast. I love the way that lifestyle newborn sessions are honest, natural and incorporate brand new parents into the photographs. I want to capture you being you. Having a baby is a huge milestone and I want to document the sweetest moments of your growing family trying to figure it all out and getting acquainted. The first glances, smirks, tears and touches. I am more than thrilled to be there for it all! Guaranteed Birth Sessions also available.

Additional Sessions: Commercial Business and Realestate, Maternity, Boudoir, Holiday Events, Birthday Parties, Wedding Showers and more!